Best of magnet applications

The Best of magnet Applications – Today we’d like to introduce you to some of our customers‘ creative magnet applications.
From magnetic knife blocks to word clocks and cosplay – our customers are just incredibly creative when using our magnets!

At the end of the article you can find out how you can receive a € 25 voucher with your ideas.

Best of magnet applications

Word clock

IMG 0933 300x225 - Best of magnet applications

What if that isn’t an absolute eye-catcher?
With the help of our magnets and some technical know-how, a customer built a great word clock!
The time is not shown in numbers, but in words!


Knife block made of walnut wood

7 300x225 - Best of magnet applications

Are you looking for a magnetic knife block?
Our customer made a wooden knife block himself!
Definitely unique and an absolute eye-catcher in the kitchen!


Magnetic bottle opener

IMG 2733.JPG 300x224 - Best of magnet applications

Who does not know it: The later the evening at the party, the more bottle caps are lying around on the tables.
Our customer has found a perfect solution for this problem: a magnetic bottle opener!
Not only very practical, but definitely also an eye-catcher and a great gift idea!



IMG 20201216 010744 300x225 - Best of magnet applications

Are you a board game lover?
Then you should definitely see this great „LUDO“ from our customer!
By using our magnets, he made a long-lasting and very robust game!



DSC05276 300x200 - Best of magnet applications

One of the most extraordinary applications is this one:
a cosplay of Loki and Thor.
The costumes were decorated with metal plates. The platelets are normally used as a base for magnets.




Step 1) Photos in good resolution – maybe even a whole series of pictures in the popular format or even a video.

Step 2) A detailed description of your application and tips on how to recreate it. What should you watch out for, what should you avoid?

Step 3) Information on the magnets used (do not forget dimensions and quantity) and other required material.

Alltogether? Then send your informations to


If we find your idea just as creative and unique, we’ll post it on our blog as well as on social media. You will receive a shopping voucher worth € 25 for our online shop. Have fun with it!