Fixation of a pond liner with super magnets

The sealing of a balcony is attached by fixing a pond liner with super magnets.

Sealing the balcony with pond liner and super magnets

I always had the problem that the balconies on our house caught a lot of rainwater due to their size. This rainwater dripped from all the cracks and holes onto the lower balcony.
This damaged the building fabric. All tenants were very upset. We had to re-seal the balcony.
With pond liner, sewage connections and neodymium blockmagnets!

Pond liner on the balcony

Detail view of pond liner

Block magnets and pond liner

These are needed to keep the pond liner stable at all edges. The pond liner takes on the shape of a tub through the use of magnets.
Drilling and screwing would not have been an option. Thanks to its powerful magnets, the pond liner holds!

Fixation of a pond liner with super magnets

With most of our blockmagnets, the north and south poles are on the two opposite large surfaces.
Like neodymium discmagnets, these cuboids also fall into the category „super magnets made of neodymium“.
The strong neodymium magnets are offered with a nickel or epoxy coating.

Nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni) is the most common coating on neodymium magnets. The color is silver, semi-gloss.

Epoxy resin (Ni-Cu-Ni-Epoxy) (colloquially just called epoxy)
Color: Black. Almost 100% corrosion resistant. The corrosion resistance is only given if the coating is intact.
Epoxy is not impact resistant (crumbles quickly).