XXL magnetic board

A magnetic board can now be found in almost every household, but this XXL magnetic board is truly unique!

XXL Magnetic Bord

Shelves attached to the wall

XXL magnetic board

Usually you buy a magnetic board ready-made. A standard size costs around € 35. The bigger the board, the higher the price.

What is at least as good but much cheaper are metal shelves from the hardware store! The floors are available individually and in different sizes.
For example, you can create recesses for light switches. The picture shows seven 50 cm x 100 cm and one 50 cm x 80 cm shelves.

To attach photos, invitations, vouchers, thank you cards, memos, calendars, timetables, postcards, … we use neodymium rodmagnets!
They have the best value for money. Adhesive strength of 950 gr., Which holds even through very thick paper. I ordered 160 pieces straight away.

Have fun copying! This is also suitable as a gift or a surprise for loved ones!

The advantage of neodymium rodmagnets is their easy handling. Thanks to their elongated shape, they are easy to grip. They are also suitable on the pin board.
By lining up individual magnets, you can put together bar magnets made of neodymium in any length.
Almost all models have the north and south poles on the flat circular surfaces (axial magnetization).
However, some designs are diametrically magnetized (through the diameter).