Romantic name tags

In today’s magnet application, we are introducing you to romantic name tags with magnets.

Romantic name tags

For our wedding I was looking for a possibility for the badges. However, I didn’t want to use pins that poke small holes in clothing.
The right idea was to make the badges out of magnets and metal discs.

Template badge

Badge with metal disc

Our version of the badge is not just a book, as is customary in Bavaria, but also becomes a kind of name card.
Here are a few pictures of the finished copy:

Romantic name tags

Name badges with magnets - pins from the front

For the final copy, the name is still printed and not just written by hand.
Background to the name card: Our relatives are quite large and so everyone can come into contact quickly and easily.
We are of the opinion: A real inexpensive alternative to the simple pin and therefore super ingenious!

Name badges with magnets – no hassle with the guests!

Of course, every wedding has its own style and character. Therefore, our idea should serve that magnets can be used instead of pins to protect clothes.
After all, you don’t want to get into trouble with your guests.

Self-adhesive counterparts to magnets are very popular. Specifically, it is a metal disc with a self-adhesive back. This is characterized by a very strong adhesive force due to foam glue. However, this only applies if the surface is clean. Make sure you pay attention, otherwise the products cannot develop their full effect. For this reason, please clean the relevant area sufficiently in advance. These useful counterparts are available in galvanized or white painted versions. In this way you will find the right optics for your location. For example, because of white walls, many customers are looking for white painted panes so that these practical helpers are hardly noticeable when not in use and do not spoil the furnishings. Also keep in mind that these metal washers are only used as a primer. They are not magnets! Nonetheless, these products are ideal for making magnets stick to them.