World Cup canvas securely attached with magnetic hooks

Just in time for the soccer world championship, a World Cup canvas securely attached with magnetic hooks.

World Cup screen attached securely and easily

Dear Magnet Shop Team,

Your magnets helped me with an important cause. I want to present my application. Perhaps this can also help other users.

The canvas should be hung up and removed again as easily as possible.

At first I used screw hooks. These stood out after the canvas had been removed. They bothered us quite a bit.
We found the solution on your website. With white lacquered metal discs, we created the primer for two strong hook magnets made of neodymium.

white metal disc

Metal disc and hook magnets

Without a canvas

Now we can quickly and easily detach the canvas and hooks after use. The two white painted panes are no longer noticeable and do not bother us at all. Thank you very much!

World Cup canvas securely attached with magnetic hooks

Metal discs:
On one side, the metal discs are provided with a double-sided adhesive tape with a scotch-mount polyurethane foam adhesive. The front of the disc is painted white. Thickness of the disc: 1 mm. Tape thickness: 1 mm

Self-adhesive counterparts to magnets are very popular. It is a metal disc with a self-adhesive back. This is characterized by a very strong adhesive force due to foam adhesive. The prerequisite is a clean surface. These useful counterparts are available in galvanized or white lacquered versions. They are not magnets!