Vertical awning attached magnetically

In the garden, the vertical awning was attached magnetically in next to no time.

Vertical awning attached magnetically

Hello Magnet Shop Team!

i want to share my magnet application here. This solution is the fastest and easiest for my project!
I got a vertical awning for my garden. Instead of screwing the brackets to the wall, in this case they were attached quickly and without drilling with neodymium pot magnets.

Pot magnets on holder

Vertical awning

Vertical awning attached magnetically

The holding power is gigantic. The repositioning of the side awning is only possible with a wooden wedge and hammer!

Pot magnets – small and strong 
The special thing about a pot magnet is that the holding force is increased by using a metal pot. The magnetic core is located in this. It changes the magnetic flux and thus increases the force. Even relatively small magnets adhere very strongly. These magnets are versatile and suitable for both commercial and private use. For example, they can be used as gripping magnets for industrial applications for transporting steel and iron parts. One speaks of flat grippers. Such magnets are very suitable for strong and quickly detachable fastenings without drilling.

There are different versions of pot magnets. With continuous cylinder bore with internal thread for screwing on. If there is also a countersink, nothing protrudes when using a suitable countersunk head screw. Magnets with a non-continuous threaded socket on the back are screwed onto a pin with an external thread. There are also variants with a threaded pin for screwing into a socket. If none of these fastening options are available, the magnets can also be glued into suitable openings.