Creative products with magnets

Our customer sells interesting and creative products with magnets for a wide variety of occasions.

Creative products with magnets

I have already ordered some magnets for my products through your shop.
I regularly promote your site. I’m excited!

You have unbeatable low prices and a fast delivery service!
Thanks very much!
I have almost 1000 enthusiastic creative friends on Facebook. They regularly participate in my ideas. Information such as sources of supply will be announced.

Here are some pictures of my creations: Flower pin board magnets with small super magnetic discs.

Detail view

Disc magnets and creative flowers

homemade flowers and magnets

Creative products with magnets

Magnetic products in action

In the first photo you can see my open desk. In this I have attached magnetic strips. Neodymium discmagnets stick to the inside of the matchboxes. The boxes adhere to the magnetic strips.

Creative desk with magnetic products

Photo frame with magnetic tape

In the second photo you can see a large picture frame with a plastic pane. I glued magnetic strips to this, so my framelits hold. As of recently, hookmagnets have also been attached. This means that several framelits can be accommodated on this picture frame.

Greetings to Lohr!


Our customer uses several products from our range for her creative ideas. Take a look too, maybe you will find the right one for your creative projects.
Thank you very much.