Determine cadence with magnets

Our customer uses our products to determine the cadence with magnets.

Magnetically determine cadence

Hello Magnet-Shop Team,

i own a bike computer. This is equipped with cadence measurement. So far I’ve been using the magnet that came with the delivery. This was attached to the crank arm with a cable tie. Unfortunately, this has often slipped. A readjustment was necessary. It didn’t look elegant optically.
I ordered a neodymium ringmagnet from your shop.

Bike computer attached with cable ties

Now I’ve found a much more subtle option. A ring magnet. With its dimensions, this fits into the pedal axle mount. The impulses for the cadence sensor are determined almost invisibly. Nothing slips.

Pedal axle mount with ring magnet

Determine cadence with magnets

With the different neodymium ring magnets from our range, you get powerful permanent magnets. These can be used for various purposes.
Ring magnets are axially or diametrically magnetized.
Their forces of attraction lift almost 1000 times their own weight. They are counted among the most powerful permanent magnets. They are available with coatings such as gold or nickel.
Ring magnets are also available made of ferrite.

Diverse neodymium ring magnets for every purpose
The specific shapes allow you a wide range of uses. As practical fixings or for design and decoration. Neodymium ring magnets are suitable for use in schools or universities.

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