Magnetic attachment for LTE caravan antenna

The magnetic attachment for LTE caravan antennas with our magnetic systems holds securely and firmly.

Magnetic attachment for LTE caravan antenna

Hello Magnet Shop Team!

The reception conditions on our campsite were very bad. It was necessary to attach a directional radio antenna to our caravan (for mobile communications, LTE Internet).
The antenna should only be used temporarily and should be easy to put on and take off.
I decided to use a magnet attachment. The bracket consists of several parts. Part of it comes from the original attachment. In addition, an aluminum tube and a threaded sleeve were used. In addition, some nuts and washers were used. The latter, I picked up a threaded rod. All materials are rustproof.

Products used assembled

Magnetic attachment for LTE caravan antenna

The bracket was mounted on a threaded magnet system.
I attached a sheet metal bracket with the dimensions 65 x 65 mm, thickness 3 mm, galvanized to the roof rail of the caravan. I got this from a hardware store.
Aligning the antenna is easy. On a Telekom website, after entering the current location, the direction of the next transmitter is displayed in degrees.
The antenna can be aligned with the aid of a compass.

The antenna withstood gusts of Bft 8 without any problems on the first day. Attaching the antenna with this magnet system is ideal!

Magnet systems:
Round neodymium magnet system with rubber jacket and threaded pin. The rubber coating made of Santoprene ® on the adhesive surface protects the metallic adhesive base from scratches and increases the sliding force.
These magnet systems are available in 5 different diameters from Ø 12 mm to Ø 88 mm (1.3 kg to 55 kg)