Pinboard magnets made from recycled bottle caps

Pinboard magnets made from recycled bottle caps can be tinkered with our products in no time at all.

Magnets made from recycled bottle caps

Hello dear magnet shop team,
We bought your magnets to make magnetic bottle caps.

Used material and accessories:

Homemade in no time

The small ferrite magnets were glued to the back of the bottle caps with a hot glue gun.
2 magnets were used per crown cap.


There are also uses for crown caps that go beyond that of bottle caps.

They are well suited for a variant of the skill game English football practiced by children and young people.
In art and music lessons at elementary and special schools, they are used to make rattle and noise instruments.
Also, crown corks can be used for mills or other games in which two different colored game pieces are in use.
As a soap holder: A crown cap was pressed into a bar of soap. This adheres thanks to the magnets.
There are numerous approaches to further processing. They are used as pieces of jewelry or as decorative objects, these are becoming increasingly popular.

You can find many more creative bottle cap ideas here on our blog. Stop by and be inspired.