Magnetic tablet holder made of wood

With skill, wood and magnets you can get a practical and magnetic tablet holder.

Tablet holder DIY

Hello Magnet-Shop Team,

I have built an iPad holder with your magnets and would like to introduce this to you:

Wood: I used softwood for the first tests. This was easy and quick to edit. I then used hardwood for the later versions. It is more robust and more suitable for everyday use.
The sealing was done with linseed oil.

Work steps:
1. Mark. It is important to work carefully here. Measure your tablet precisely and mark everything with a pencil.
2. Rough cutting of the wood. Here you have to proceed according to your own ideas.

3. Fine-tuning: The workpiece can be processed and refined with sandpaper.
4. Attach magnets. A drill stand is to be used here. Otherwise the holes will not be straight and the magnet will not insert properly.
Otherwise, a drill the thickness of the magnet is sufficient for wood and no glue is required.
5. Oiling. I used linseed oil. Lacquer is too thick and can make the workpiece unusable.

Elegant tablet holder made of wood