Magnetic tile mirror in the kitchen

Magnetic tile mirror in the kitchen. A truly invisible magnetic force!

Magnetic tiles in the kitchen

Dear magnet shop team:
I have renewed the tiling in my kitchen. On this occasion I glued magnets on the back of some tiles. With a thickness of 3 mm, the magnets could easily be incorporated into the tile adhesive bed. The tiles can now be used as a pin board, at least at certain points.

magnetic tiles

Magnetic tile mirror in the kitchen

Larger objects such as the short-term timer shown have a thin discmagnet stuck to the back.
Pay attention to the polarity here. The magnets want to turn in a certain direction. To prevent these objects from rotating unintentionally, the magnets must be affixed in the correct orientation. Guests in the kitchen regularly marvel at the „magnetic tiles“.

You will be amazed at the magnetic force of the neodymium magnets. The extremely high magnetization is caused by the neodymium-iron-boron used. Even the smallest disc magnets turn into power magnets.
You don’t even believe what you can use the super magnets for.
Most of the neodymium disc magnets have the magnetic poles on the two opposite circular surfaces (axial magnetization). Some magnetic disks are magnetized diametrically.

Here, in our blog, you will find further magnetic applications with our discmagnets. Browse through our blog. Maybe there is something useful for your needs.