Magnetic wooden cladding for hi-fi amplifiers

Our customer upgraded his hi-fi amplifier with the help of our magnets and made a magnetic wooden panel.

Magnetic wooden cladding for hi-fi amplifiers

Dear Sir or Madam,

in the late 80’s and early 90’s, hi-fi companies like Luxman, Denon, Sony, and Accuphase loved to screw wooden side panels to their high-quality equipment.
Unfortunately, you can no longer find this luxury today.

I wanted to visually upgrade my Denon amplifier with the aforementioned wooden cladding. I didn’t want to put up with the effort of screwing.

First, I covered the perfectly cut wooden panels made of MDF with veneer.
Then drilled a number of countersinks on the inside (at this point I didn’t know how many I would need) and inserted your cubemagnets into them.
It was not necessary to glue the magnets. With a small rubber mallet I was able to drive these firmly and safely into the joints.

The wood paneling was attached to the amplifier and aligned. Complete.

I think it looks very high quality. I saved a lot of time and nerves. No holes were necessary. The veneer is not damaged.
Thanks to you for the great product.

Many greetings!

Thank you for submitting it! We are happy to share this with our customers.