Variable attachment of the Christmas decoration

Without annoying nails or cords – the variable fastening of the Christmas decorations with magnets!

Magnetic fastening of the Christmas decoration

Dear Magnet Shop Team,

I used the magnetic discs and magnetic hooks you supplied (I am very satisfied) for the following purposes:
– Attaching several Christmas stars to windows
– Guide cables with the help of the hoes

You can see the implementation of this application in the following pictures.

Thank you very much!


Functionality of the ferrite pot magnets with steel pot:
A ferrite magnet is built into a steel pot. This metal housing protects the neodymium magnet from damage. It increases the adhesive force. In order to be able to achieve an optimal adhesive force, the flat gripper must lie directly on the metallic substrate. A thin sheet of iron or a paint job can very quickly reduce the adhesive force. The adhesive force acts on the open magnet side.

Special feature: the hook can be unscrewed. Other objects with an external thread can be screwed in. Thanks to the white powder coating, these magnetic hooks can be attached almost invisibly to white adhesive surfaces.

The specified adhesive force can only be achieved with vertical use.
The holding force of the hook magnet is lower on a wall (horizontal trigger).
You can find stronger hook magnets with neodymium but with a nickel-plated surface here!
These magnets are used particularly often in industry, trade fair construction or assembly construction. The strong hooks have also become indispensable in the advertising / display construction / lighting sector.