Magnetic camera attachment to paraglider

Our customer has created a magnetic camera attachment for his GoPro to his paraglider. For secure attachment, he decided to use our powerful magnets.

Camera magnetically attached to the paraglider

Hello magnet shop!

I attached my GoPro to the sail of my paraglider with potmagnets.

Materials used

Magnets on bracket

Camera on magnetic bracket

I used the included black plastic plate with the built-in camera mount. On the underside I have attached 2 magnets with Patex diagonally opposite.
4 magnets would have been better. Unfortunately I only ordered 4 magnets. My planning was originally different. I will add 2 magnets to my construction – one at each corner.

I got a plastic spatula from the hardware store that I cut to the size of the plate. The corners and edges were rounded nicely so that the sail would not be damaged.
I compensated for the height difference between the magnets and the plate with a 5mm thick felt. This also protects the material.

Many greetings to Lohr!

Magnetic camera attachment to paraglider

Pot magnets and deep pot magnets made of neodymium and ferrite

The special thing about a pot magnet is that its adhesive force is increased by a metal pot. The magnetic core is in this so that the adhesive surface remains free. Therefore, the adhesive force only acts on one side of the magnet. The pot changes the magnetic flux and thus increases the force. As a result, even relatively small magnets stick very strongly. Pot magnets are versatile and suitable for both commercial and private use. For example, they can be used as gripping magnets for industrial applications to transport steel and iron parts. That is why one also speaks of deep pot. Such magnets are also very suitable for strong and quickly removable fastenings without drilling. Whether for trade fair and shop construction, as assembly magnets in private households, for hobby applications and other purposes.